Pach Project is committed to operating business responsibly, with sustainability, creativity and inclusivity at the core of our practice. Through re-conditioning our understanding of the fashion industry as practitioners, Pach Project aspires to generate positive impact on the environment, the fashion industry, and the wider community without compromising on creative freedom. 


Pach Project is dedicated to sourcing fabrics that are organic, biodegradable, energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious. We are generating a circular mode of production, with each collection comprising original designs using traditional means of production (cut & sew), and experimental custom pieces using off-cuts collected from our local manufacturer. 



Pach Project sources its wool suiting from LORO PIANA, an Italian fabrics company specialising in high end, luxury cashmere and wool products. Our wool suiting products use Loro Piana’s Sport Fabrics range: Rain System and Green Storm System. This innovative range forms a PFC Free invisible water-resistant barrier around every fiber, protecting it from dust, dirt and water-based stains. Green Storm System has exclusive hydrophilic membranes applied to the reverse side for a second barrier. 

This technology, paired with our thoughtful design, allows longevity in our Pach Project garments. 100% Virgin wool from New Zealand. RWS Certified. 


Pach Project conducts extensive research to source the highest quality and most environmentally friendly cotton. Key qualities we value consist of:

  • Biodegradability: Cotton biodegrades entirely due to its cellulose quality. Organic cotton leaves no harmful traces on the environment as it does not use chemicals and pesticides in its harvesting stage. In comparison, conventional cotton will leach harmful chemicals back into the soil and waterways as the material breaks down. 
  • Quality: We use Aegean organic cotton from Turkey, which is grown in the districts close to the Aegean Sea. Famous for its long fibre length, good spinnability and softness, these qualities allow for durability and soft tactility in our Pach Project garments. 
  • Energy-efficiency: The knitting mills are located at the source of the cotton plants. The close proximity allows for a reduction in carbon footprint. Organic cotton also uses less water than conventional cotton, relying greatly on rainwater.
  • GOTS-Certification: The GOTS Certificate guarantees that harmful chemicals are absent from the entire production chain. It also means that strict social standards are followed (fair trade, no child labour, healthy working conditions. At Pach Project, we believe that sustainability also includes sustainability of worker’s welfare and working conditions which directly impact the quality of a garment.


Pach Project believes in a future of fashion that cultivates inclusivity, encouraging self-value through size- and shape-adjustable garments. Each garment is thoughtfully designed to offer maximum versatility, from the fabric’s stretch quality to adjustable silhouettes. Through integrating a circular business model, Pach Project is able to offer garments on varying price points to broaden financial accessibility. As Pach Project grows, collaborations will be a key value for our brand. We believe in a future of fashion that is community-based, merging creative minds to create innovative, expressive clothing.